A vaccination I had in 1976 might have done the trick

Angel of Death forcing a minion into prying open a fated person’s door
The Angel of Death pays a visit

I’m Exhausted and Crabby

Photo by SAJAD FI on Unsplash

“All Lives Matter”? You Didn’t Have to Deal with This Crap

How to use these strange times to propel your words

Photo by Chuck Mallory

Every day I ride the same teeter-totter you’re on

Laura Ingalls Wilder and a Hmong woman on a mural in Walnut Creek MN. Did this ever happen? Doesn’t matter. Just believe.

The Job I Loved and Lost

Chuck Mall

Asheville NC. Former writer for men's fitness mags. Author, The Owl Motel. Writer of middle-grade fiction. Chuckmall.com and @chuckmall on SM.

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