A vaccination I had in 1976 might have done the trick

Angel of Death forcing a minion into prying open a fated person’s door

(Updates provided at the end of the article, the latest being Sept. 2021)

I remember the day vividly, a hot autumn day in 1976, when my father and I entered the cafeteria of the lone public school in our Missouri town of 520 people, a K-12 school where I’d graduated…

I’m Exhausted and Crabby

Sometimes I think the universe put me in a rural place and made a pandemic just so this could happen. Then I think how narcissistic and inherently dumb that thought truly is.

Then I think one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Then I think there is no great loss…

“All Lives Matter”? You Didn’t Have to Deal with This Crap

Note: Top illustration contains a racially profane term, for providing historical context only

Years ago I asked my elderly mother about her childhood memories. She told me of being five years old,when her uncle took her to a carnival. …

How to use these strange times to propel your words

Never have we seen such widespread fear in our society.

Yet we were warned. Scientists predicted a major pandemic “someday.” We all coasted along, visiting the world easily, indulging ourselves, our bright future continuing to crawl toward us from the horizon.

These days are so different than just a few…

“Half-Pint” is Gaining a Jesus-like Iconography

The first thing that stands out from all the strip malls when I enter Springfield, Missouri, is the biggest megachurch I’ve ever seen. …

Chuck Mall

Asheville NC. Former writer for men's fitness mags. Author, The Owl Motel. Writer of middle-grade fiction. Chuckmall.com and @chuckmall on SM.

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