Affordable Kitchen Hack Devices

Save Money, Save Time, Look Like a Pro in the Kitchen

“Beverly, you’re still cooking old-style — in a pan?”

Bacon should be America’s official #1 food.

When I didn’t know better, I fried bacon on the stove. A colossal mess to clean. Then I learned how to put bacon strips on a wire rack inside a pan in the oven. Takes longer (about 20–30 minutes) and yes, you can line the pan with foil, but it’s still a mess. You still have to clean the pan. And at my house it set off the fire alarm!

Look at this bad boy — that’s it’s name! At long last, a bacon cooker for the microwave. Cleaner, easier, and still the delicious bacon you know and love. A life saver.

I’ll cut you — you herbs, that is, with this snappy invention. These herb scissors will have you chopping and bopping your way through the kitchen, whether you’re chiseling up some chives or punishing some parsley. Get just the right amount of herbs, and easily, to give your dishes the drive they need. Still using dried herbs? N and O. Get fresh ones and this handy tool will make your kitchen work a breeze.

Play THIS mandoline!

Not musical, but it’ll be music to your ears when your friends compliment your wafer-thin onions, tender julienned carrots and other veggies that look gourmet-restaurant quality. It’s easy and safe to use. This is one kitchen appliance you might have considered in the past, and wasn’t certain about. Trust me, if you want to eat more salad and fresh veggies for health, this makes that road much easier!

You think this article is corny? Well, this item certainly is! It’s the corn peeler and stripper that makes getting that fresh corn off the cob and into your best summer dishes. You won’t buy canned corn again after using this zippy time-saver. Extra tip: fresh corn with butter and ONE special spice can seem like a gourmet dish. Suggestions for that one spice: Montreal Steak Seasoning or Red Robin Original Blend Signature Seasoning.

Shelf it! Can you imagine how much easier your stovetop cooking would be with one extra, very nearby shelf. I have a small kitchen so cram everything as best I can, and this simple invention is worth $100! You can get SO MUCH on this shelf and GET THIS: it’s magnetic! Your friends will beg to know where you got such a cool thing.



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Chuck Mall

Chuck Mall

Asheville NC. Former writer for men's fitness mags. Author, The Owl Motel. Writer of middle-grade fiction. and @chuckmall on SM.