I have never responded to a post like this, but could not resist this time. You will find some startling information.

1. My phone went dead while reading comments, so I went to my desktop to try to find the piece again. On Medium I searched for "Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine," the best I could remember. I scrolled through dozens of articles and never came to this article. Then I remembered "Roz" and searched that. I found you, but this article did not appear after scrolling through many many titles. This shows you that Medium's "search" mechanism might not be what we think it is.

2. I have 209 followers, and every month I get more. They are bitcoin and retire-this-instant or get-rich-instantly-off-writing authors, fishing for me to follow them. I don't. They drop off after a week or two. So I stay at about 200. This has been happening for 3 years.

3. I made 8 cents earlier this year at one point, and just got a payment of 13 cents. This all seems to be from an article called "Am I Immune from COVID-19" which has over 2.9k views and 1.6k reads. It has been on Medium for over a year.

4. I was a magazine writer in the 1990s and easily made $400 for articles about exercise. That was the lowest. I had a friend who had broken into Reader's Digest in the 1980s. She published 2-3 articles a year with them. Each article paid $3000 or more.

5. Though I love the internet and new tech better than the old way, the loss of print magazines meant the loss of 90 percent of the gatekeepers. A lot of the writing I see on Medium would have gotten me an F in my college journalism classes at Mizzou.

6. Yes, the money makers here are high tech, coding, entrepreneurship, and make-big-money-writing-here articles. Almost all of these are articles are hype-them-up crap, and people who suggest writers just crank it out every day to make as much money as possible miss the whole point of writing.

Asheville NC. Former writer for men's fitness mags. Author, The Owl Motel. Writer of middle-grade fiction. Chuckmall.com and @chuckmall on SM.

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